Wedding dress after 70 years: 94-year-old lady’s dreams come true

Le Pouvoir De L’amour

Martha Tucker fulfilled her dream and married the man she loved back in 1952. At that time, nothing could interfere with their love, but there was prejudice that their love did not deserve a celebration. This was because they were African Americans, and associating with white people was prohibited for them. They were believed to be undeserving and unequal.

Martha and her husband got married, but they couldn’t have a wedding dress. In the 1950s, it was forbidden for African Americans to enter bridal salons. Martha’s dream of walking arm in arm with her beloved in a beautiful white dress remained just a dream for many decades.

Wedding dress after 70 years: 94-year-old lady's dreams come true

After 70 years, Martha sat down with her niece and was watching a romantic movie. During the wedding scene, she told her niece that she had always dreamed of wearing such a beautiful white dress. When she got married, she never had such an opportunity. The niece decided to make her 94-year-old grandmother’s dream come true.

Wedding dress after 70 years: 94-year-old lady's dreams come true

She booked a visit to a bridal salon for Martha. When Martha entered the salon, there was a dress with her name on it. She was deeply moved and overjoyed. As she tried on the dress, her inner beauty reflected in her appearance. Her niece says that her grandmother has a hundred times more energy than her. Martha exclaimed, “I looked at myself in the mirror and couldn’t recognize myself! I was happy!”

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