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Ben Nasr - Fathi


Fathi Ben Nasr, aka DJ F-Black, was born on 25 August 1971. He became a DJ at the age of 20 by performing as the resident DJ at the legendary nightclub called the ‘Baraka”. From there, his career took off and became a reference in the Tunisian clubbing and events scenes throughout the years.

The particularity with his performances is that he takes the public into another dimension through many different levels by balancing between Retro music, House and Tech House grooves and Underground music.

With his feelings throughout the party’s atmosphere, every time he succeeds in bringing the public into the dance floor for a non-stop amazing festivity.

For the love of music, DJ F-Black will continually share his talent and the latest dancing hits throughout the years and the countries. The sounds, which comes out from his soul and heart, will never cease and soon will be expanding throughout the Globe.

DJ F-Black’s performances in Tunisia:

  • 2006-2010: Resident DJ at «closerie» (La Soukra)
  • 2006-2007: Resident DJ at «Zinc» (Gammarth)
  • 2001-2008: Resident DJ at «Koubet el Hawa» (La Marsa)
  • 1998-2001: Resident DJ at «Bœuf sur le toit» (La Soukra)
  • 1991-1997: Resident DJ at the legendary disco night “Baraka” (Sidi Bou Said)

In addition, he performed in many major events and private parties such as for Embassies events, Fashion and beauty contests, products launch events for famous brands, boats parties, and other festivities in luxurious hotels in the country…etc.

DJ F-Black, has become a blockbuster in the DJ scene in Tunisia and his name is vibrating in many neighboring countries in Europe and North Africa. His music and experience has put him in favorable position, which will allow him to discover other new and challenging markets on an international scale.

Stay tuned for DJ F-Black, whenever you see or hear his name, take your friends and go to his parties, YOU WON’T REGRET IT…


Website : http://f-black.com




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